AT T To Buy DirecTV For 48.5 Billion Up To Date

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AT&T clearly is not taking Comcast's current acquisition efforts lying down; it just introduced plans to buy DirecTV in a deal price about $48.5 billion. The communications large sees a takeover as a chance to broaden how it delivers video past simply the bundles it has as we speak. If officials approve the merger, купить права на катер AT&T might send conventional and internet-primarily based video to virtually any place you happen to be, whether or not it is on your cellphone or in mid-flight. This also represents a content seize -- DirecTV has the exclusive rights to NFL Sunday Ticket and different premium programming, so there's a chance that a lot of its content material could attain U-verse and different AT&T choices. The telecom is making a whole lot of promises to assuage regulators that can little question look at the proposed mega-buyout very closely -- AT&T clearly desires to avoid a repeat of its failed try to purchase T-Mobile in 2011. It hopes to carry high-pace internet entry to 15 million further prospects, primarily in rural areas where a mix of mounted wireless and fiber-to-the-residence might get people on-line.

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