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As everyone is aware of there isn't a such factor as to many security options on a cool room. We provide 2 fundamental options with our rooms. All doors are equipped with electromagnet door locks. These locks will launch upon energy loss. As an added safety factor we counsel incorporating a high temperature launch with magnetic electromagnetic door lock. This could allow the door to open on temperature rise. Anybody who has purchased, or planning to purchase, a complete cool room, or door lock system ought to read the next. You should check the operation of the excessive temperature control on month-to-month foundation. The control won't function appropriately if it is overly dirty. Dust created by the cattle should be kept out of the inside of the control. You may management the mud by doing the following on a monthly foundation. We've got a documented case where the control failed upon temperature rise. We found it was as a result of management containing cedar mud. We blew the dust out, and the management performed correctly.