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In the first game day of the outer card, the Carolina Black Panther did not yield to defeat Arizona, so the Haiying team's opponent is further determined, and it will be two choice between the black panther and the Detroit lion.

The twice selected to the Pro Bowl cornerback Brown believes holding the second sign of Josh Brown has - this situation Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) as a quarterback under - McQuarrie (Josh McCown) and Robert Configuring a good position.

"If I call the shots, I like RG3, I like Josh - McQuarrie," Hayden recently told ESPN. "I think we can certainly rely on them to get good grades. I think we need help on the offensive line. I think we need ... maybe we could pick a pass and hand the impact of a security guard."

Kelly talked about Ford: The big list is controlled by me.
Philadelphia Eagle 4-point 卫 Nik-Work will be missed for the next 6 to 8 weeks, the head coach Qip Kelly will firmly use Mark Sanchez as a team. Quarter. Kelly praised Sanchez in front of the media, called him "people who can lead the team." These remarks can not help but make people feel worried about the future of Falls. We want to know if he is still part of the future plan.

NFL and players will reach an agreement before, due to epidemic, the team will only hold virtual rest training. This year, there will be a team of new coach will be able to contact a team member on Monday, and other teams can start training during April 27.

If Brown picked quarterback, they would be candidates Jared - Gove (Jared Goff) and Carson - in Wentz (Carson Wentz) the rest of that. Also choose a Brown study is to trade down is to increase the picks to reinforce the lineup full of loopholes.

According to the Pot Port, Dallas is also negotiated with the patriot to negotiate Malet. In order to Malete, the Dezhou people have cut off the four-point Guce-Kazakan (Case Keenum) for the team's 8 games (all losses) last season.

According to informed people, the jet has not officially expressed in the intention of Adam Springs. There have been reports that the jet has received the transaction offer for his transaction due to the transaction last year.

Foster is still unable to determine if this week can play
This week, Houston Texas ran to Aliban-Foster, participated in team training on Wednesday, but absent all of the training. Texas officially listed Foster as "doubt", Bill O & RSquo; Brien, said that the team will make a final decision before the game, and can't confirm whether he can play.

Local time on Thursday, Kelly accepted an interview on this question: "I don't know where these guessing is from the team. I understand that my heart is very clear. The big list will be controlled from the beginning to the end. Some people are writing news Tott & lsquo; first-hand information & rsquo; as a head, I clearly tell you, I have not discussed similar things with anyone. Therefore, all existing guess is nonsense. On the other hand, I have been very Support Nick, he is an extremely excellent quarter-off. I think he has been withdrawn too much accusation and excessive questioning, I hope more people can like this young man. "

Foster was injured in the game with Philadelphia eagle 3 weeks ago. The injury injury in the groin is more serious than the imagination, and the team has never given a clear injury situation, and it is more unable to predict the return time. Since the season, Foster is absent from 2 games, and Alfred Blue will continue to come to the front.

Sanchez and eagle only signed a 1 year of contract, if he performs excellent, does not rule out the possibility of renewing him. From Kelly speaking, we can also see that he has not decided to have any quarter-saving future. Sanchez may become a long-term hair of the team, and Falls also have the opportunity to recover after the return. But in any case, Kelly has clearly expressed its own point of view: I can decide the team's four-point guard, only himself.

Last week, Texas treated Foster in the same treatment, and the final team was still conservatively choosing to let him rest. Previously, when the BRIAN CUSHING and Jedevian were injured, Texas also did not let them appear after they were "doubt". Therefore, the actual performance of Foster is much less than 50%.

Hawks 12 people fans will hold a party before the game
Next Friday (January 9), that is, the first day of the Seattle Haiying Suddenly, the 12-person Fans Association of the Haiying team will call the Seattle to welcome the Haiying team from the city. , For Saturday's official game "warm-up".

Patriot trading substitute quartz Malayter
According to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport, New England wholesale Jerseys Patriots have traded back to Ryan Mallett to Houston Texas. He subsequently reported that the Patriot got a seven-round sign that can change according to the player's last time. NFL official website reporter Albert Breer reported that if Marath was played more than 40% of the Temple in the season, this seven-round sign will change to six rounds.